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Mom and a Child

We are a collection of Mothers and teachers coming together to provide your family with 


Want to be a Great,  Mom but your Don't want to Do All The Extra Work?! Us Too!

Being that Perfect "PINTEREST MOM" is anything but an EASY BREEZE THING! 

We Tried those "Easy Looking - Fun DIY"
Activities & Crafts.
The Problem? The Aren't Easy! 

I have to search, download, print, find, set up, HAVE FUN, & clean up. 

MARCH 2020, I found myself going crazy trying to be the best PINTEREST Craft Mom because schools were closed.

After countless calls from Girlfriends & Family asking "What Do You Do? & How Do you Do It?"

I felt like I needed to help. So, I created The Preschool at Home Kit.

Everything I Wanted For My Family

Everything My Family/ Friends Needed!

  • Easy Online Sign Up

  • Delivered

  • Everything Included

  • EASY CLEAN UP! (Average Time 30 seconds)

We Receive Incredible Feed Back From Families Like Yours & That Is What Makes It All Worth It!

We are doing it what we set out to do! 

Helping Families Manage The Day To Day


Helping Our Teachers, Keep Doing What They Do Best! 


It takes a lot of work to keep 3-6 Year Old's Busy Everyday & Out of Mischief

With our Kits, Help is on the way!

  • Our Kits Allow For Mu=ore Fun Time Vs. More Running Around

  • Our Kits Allow For Less Stress 

  • Our Kits Help Add More Positive Bonding Time

  • Our Kits Help Add Positive Parenting Solutions

The best part, all our kits are assembled by teachers who are at home due to school closures & safety persecutions 


At first, we launched just 48 Kits for my Family & Friends.


Now in just a few months we are Shipping All Over The USA.

XOXO, Nicole

Moms On The Hill


Kids with Capes

A Community of Parents

Less Stress. More"Good Days". 

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