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5 Tips On How To Garden On The Hill

1. KNOW YOUR ZONE!: Click here to Find Out From The Official USDA Your Zone

2. Buying Seeds. Growing From Seed Is FUN FOR YOUR KIDS & Better for your garden. Why? Because the plants grow acclimated to your climate so there is no shock. They were literally made for your garden. I love using a self watering seedling system and putting a repeating alarm on my phone to check the water every 9- 10 days!

I've used this kit multiple times & I love it so much I bought 2 more! Seedling 10 Self Watering Kit

3. Buying Seeds! Heirloom, Open-Pollinated, and Hybrid Seeds

This SURVIVAL KIT OF SEEDS Is Amazing. It Has So Many Verities!

I Have Used This SEED KIT For 2 Years and Still Have Plenty Of seeds To Choose From

Organizing Your Seeds. I Bet You Will Become Addicted To Gardening If you Give It a Chance. When you do you will need a place to store them all. I love color. I love Organization. So This Is My TOP PICK!

TIP * You'll eventually need to put your seedlings somewhere. I love this 3 tiered raised garden bed! It maximizes space and design.

For a more traditional raised garden bed this is great... You don't want it too wide or else it will be hard to harvest the middle plants.


Think your plants are getting too much sun???


I am admittedly super passionate about this because I have been there and done that. Years of dying & wilting plants. Feelings of failure. Your plants should be watered daily or at the LEAST every other day.

  • Do not drown them... But water regularly.

TIP * Give the children a PARTY BIN or Big Bucket of water and a watering can.

teach them to count to 5 for each plant. Let them GET TO WORK!

TIP * Children love helping. give them an outdoor, fun, and important job to do! Let them help you water!

5. Best way to store all your new fresh veggies?

My newest discovery. Dehydration. It saves the most amount of nutrients and flavors. Why do you think they use it for astronauts????

Here are a few I like. Here are a good and better choice

Some Of Our Favorite Items To Help You Get Started

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