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  1. After you have completed the HIDE n' SEEK Clean Up from our previous post this post is a great next step.

  2. Use your baskets (As Seen In The HIDE n' SEEK Post). 1 from each member of the family.

Fill these with their personal items from around the house.

  • 1 Basket for Laundry

  • I like these baskets because they are collapsible and large enough to put my daughters clothes on the bottom and my sons clothes on top as I go room to room.

3. ROOM #1 Example

  • Bring the children into room #1 with you

  • Bring The appropriate tidy basket filled with Room #1 items from around the house

  • Bring the laundry basket with the clothes of Room #1 into the room

AGES 5 and Under - You Can Say,

"We are going to try something new today!

A game!

We are going to keep the door shut

and play in here until mommy is done putting the clothes away/ tidying up!"

TIP *** Keeping the door shut is important.

This way you know where everyone is and no one is getting into something & taking you away from your task. It Makes It GO FASTER!

The point is to have everyone in the same space so you can actually get something done!

Ages 6 and Over - You Can Say,

"We are going to try something new today!

A game!

We are going to keep the door shut and your are going to be my helper!

Let's see if you know where everything goes!

And...... Once we are done putting these away you can play in here while mommy finishes tidying up!"

TIP *** Please Do Not Expect Your Children To Do Tasks As You Would Do Them.

They Are Too Young & Lets Be Honest

Even Our Grown Husbands & Family Members Do Not Do It Like We Would.

So How Do We Expect a 5-15 Year Old To Do It!!!??

TIP *** What TO Expect.

Expect, About 25% of the work

Expect it done about 50% of the way you would do it.

(But this is great #MomWin because you're teaching them!)

* If they can hit those marks... then they are doing it 100% Perfect!

LOL #MomMath

4. Allow each child to pick a few smaller toys

(This isn't dump out the toy chest time or dump all the legos out time)

You Can Say,

"Let's pick out 3 toys you'd like to play with

that are easy to put back and

you can play with them on the rug

while mommy tidy's up!"


Once they are seated You Can Say,

"Ok great that looks like fun!

I will be right here tidying up!

That's my job!

You're going to stay here in the room with me &

play with your toys!

That's your job!"

TIP *** Setting Expectations is HUGE!!! It clearly Lets children know What they are suppose to be doing & what will happen if they do not do it!

TIP *** The first few times you do this you may have to remind them the expectations & The consequences.

6. QUICK!!! Get To Work Putting The Laundry Away

And/ Or Tidying Up While The Kids Play!

TIP *** When You are folding the laundry bring the hangers with you so that you don't have to now hang the laundry you just folded. This cuts down on your laundry time by about 10-20 mins! You know how important an extra 20 mins is!!!

7. Next Have The children No Matter The Age


TIP *** Children LOVE songs... Make a Silly Song Up About Cleaning Up Or Sing The Clean Up Song!

Also, Remember the #MomMath Tip From Above!

They Will Likely Clean Up 25% of The Toys

@ About 50% Of The Way You Would Do It

and That = GREAT!

8. Now turn your attention to their TIDY UP BASKET! They can help you put these items away! ( You could even make a game out of this... I wonder if you know where.... The dolls go??? I wonder if you know where your hot-wheels go?

TIP*** Children WANT to please you. Let them show you how smart & how good of helpers they can be!

9. Have the little ones help make the bed & The room should NOW BE TIDY!

10. Take it in - Enjoy It - Smile...... Now off to the next room!

TIP *** You do not have to get the whole room done in 1 day. It may take 3 days of this time of work to straighten things up & That's OK! If it took long in Room #1 one day then go and have lunch and do Room #2 after nap or the next day!

If Room #1 didn't take too long & you're ready for Room #2 - Go For It!

If This post helped you please share it for the other mamas in your life!

XOXO, Just a Mom On The Hill

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