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The Reviews Are In

The Preschool Years

are the most impressionable time

in your child's life. 

Let us help make it a positive experience

filled with wonderful memories for years to come. 


"Honestly .... it was soooo awesome ..... literally everything you need for home schooling a preschooler  and so much more !!

He was actually a little too excited and had to stop him from taking  it All Out 🤣 so we just pulled out the first week .

So beautifully put together !

Everything was in tact .

Not wrinkled ( again I only pulled out the first week) loved it sooo much ! I also appreciated the moms guide to the kit .


Really great for anyone new to being a SAHM or new to homeschooling a preschooler ! Just all around great . I'll keep you posted on how everything goes as we go through it .


SJ has a lot of fun doing the crafts.


It was a breath of fresh air from
All his first grade work but

still totally appropriate ."

Verified Order

— Aimee, CA


“Seriously you know you did an amazing job when they want to wake up & get their kits at 6:30am in the morning #preschoolinpajamas”

Verified Order

— Mama, CA


“So... I sit my daughter down.

Easily pull out the day's packet.



I sip my coffee 

while I home school!

It is so easy & fulfilling!

Verified Order

— Mama



This packet

is incredible"

Verified Order

— Melissa, CA


"2x The Kits

2x The Wins!

My 2.5 year old and 4.5 year old do the kits together. It is busy work for my youngest, but a great introduction because she wants to do EVERYTHING my older one does. It is FILLED with wonderful & fun lessons for him! we are all getting so much out of these kits!”

— Nicole, CA

Verified Order

“Thank you for your support. We love the kit. So far she has wanted to do it everyday Made bus yesterday, necklace today. She loves the workbooks and activities too!”

Verified Order

— Lopa, CA


“This is so great,

Thank you.

I can't wait to get started.

(we've just started) The first week looks really really cute”

Verified Order

— April, NY


“When my son is finished with school this is a great way to keep him busy. He is excited for the next few weeks. He can kind of  see through the bags and so it keeps him intrigued.

— Therese, CA

Verified Order

We are absolutely humbled at what a success 

The Moms On The Hill Kits Have Become. 

We are so proud that an idea made out of

a genuine desire to help mothers & teachers

has come come to fruition. 

A Community of Parents

Less Stress. More"Good Days". 

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