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Are your Kids Earthquake Ready?

I am a big believer of explaining future events to our children.

I can see the difference in my children when I explain what will happen vs. thrusting them into a situation that is new..

  • What to expect at the doctors office.

  • What to expect on the first day of school

  • What to expect them to act when we go to a birthday party at Peter Weber!

So why not explain, IN A NON-SCARY WAY, about earthquakes?

I did a ton of research, as I do with everything, and found some really great books.

Best Earthquake Books For Families

  1. This book is a great read. Keep it light. Keep it real. Keep it fun. BOOK LINK HERE

  2. This book is for older children & I would recommend to read perhaps after an earthquake. I like to keep it in my earthquake kit! BOOK LINK HERE

Tips To Help Children Feel Safe.

  1. Go through the book(s) with your children and go through the "safety checklist" together.

  2. do a majority of the earthquake safety items on the checklist yourself and eave a few little ones the kids can notice need changing and do them together.

(I like #2 the best because it will make your children feel as if you have already thought of it and feel safer with their super hero mama. Plus they get to help their family stay safe.)

If this helped you, be a

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and share this with a friend you think may benefit!

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