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At Home Summer Water Fun

If your stuck at home during the summer you are going to want to read this!

Yes, life has changed! I mean.... Life Has Really CHANGED! However,

We Are Resilient.

We Are Strong.

We Can Go With The Punches.

We Are Moms!


Some of my Favorite Summer Buys & Some Great Free Summer Fun Ideas!

Love This Because there aren't so many moving parts that can break.

Love That Your Children Have Multiple Levels & Can Grow With It

Just Fun & Inexpensive! My Kids Can Do This For A couple Hours!

Such A Great Area For Messy Crafts & Messy Fun In The Sun.

Mama's Need To Be Shaded Too... Of Course In Style!

Cute Mini Me Umbrella Table Set

Keeping It Easy!

  • Clear The Lawn Of Any Small Toys & TURN ON THE SPRINKLERS!

  • Water-Slide! Have a Playhouse or Slide? Fun Playhouse At Great Prices!

Stand at near the top of the slide and point the hose down it.

TIP* This way you are in control of the fun. If someone isn't following the rules, no more water on the slide until they are ready to keep the fun going in a safe way.

  • Party Bucket For Drinks?

Well, we're not having a large party but we can put to big bins to good use!

Fill them up on either side of the yard for a Water Ball Fight Or a Sponge Fight!

TIP* Take those extra sponges cut them in half and let them throw the watery thing all over!

For older children add balls in there to make it a little harder! No Fish? No Problem!

TIP* Throw some balls in and have your child use a small net or Tongs from the kitchen!

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